Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ready, Set...Sit

John 1:16
From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another.

Much to our surprise, when Mom and I walked into Dad's room this morning, he looked almost odd without the brain drain. That's more tubes pouring directly out of his cranium. Now we just see the attractive shaved head, stitches, and blue Sharpie markings. (Between you and me, it's not a great look).

The doctor came in at 8 a.m., pulled that ventric out and put a couple of stitches in to close some holes. He is confident the headache pain is coming from some lingering blood, but he isn't concerned about the cranial pressure anymore. This is good news. The CT scan was clear (thanks for your prayers!) and for that we are most grateful.

We're also very hopeful that tomorrow Dad might leave the ICU. He is reminded of his blessed condition every moment as he is the only patient in several dozen beds who is conscious in this unit. We have seen many families leave in tears, never to return. It's been a humbling, tough, but necessary place to live for the past 11 days.

The doctors are adamant that Dad needs a quiet, slow recouperation. As you know, this is in contrast to his gregarious personality, but we are all observing that even a few minutes of activity is extremely tiring. For example: Dad sat on the side of the bed today--his first upright movement in quite sometime. There is significant dispute whether the time on the side of the bed was 15 minutes or 1 minute. Mom and I checked with the physical therapist and her report was on the very short end of that contrast to the 15 minutes Dad reported. Hmmmm...

We've been impressed with his patience in taking one day at a time. Other than when he first woke up, Dad hasn't asked how long the hospital stay, recovery, and restricted activity will be. I know he his probably chomping his lip to resist asking, but his restraint alone is a testimony of God-given contentment in this uncomfortable situation.

We thank you again for your prayers and love. That encouragement is lifting Dad's spirits when it's easy to be low. As he becomes more alert and has fewer hours of severe pain, he seems to have more time to contemplate where he is and what recovery will look like. And as we all know, thinking too hard can get you in trouble.

As you approach the throne of grace to find mercy & help (Hebrews 4:16) please pray:
*Dad will be patient to rest quietly
*He will have a positive attitude
*Decreased pain


donnan said...

Chris and family,
What a wonderful report - each day just seems to get better and better. "My God shall supply all your needs (whatever they are right now) according to His riches in glory". What a great promise! Chris, got any books that you always wished you had had time to read??? :-)Take care.
Nancy and Don

susan jahns said...

Chris and family,
We rejoice at the good report and the probable opportunity to move to a "normal" room soon!
We continue to pray for all the specific requests and know that even in the quiet weeks, months of recovery, God will use you in other's lives in a powerful way.
Randy and Susan

Marlene Little said...

Isn't it wonderful how God can allow you to witness for Him by simply selling a little sweater on EBay!
It sounds like you Dad is getting better every day.
We will be praying that God will take away his pain and let him be able to relax and rest so that his body can heal.

May God surround your entire family with His Love.

Marlene Little

Mariruth said...

Chris and family,

Wonderful news! Yea God!! We will continue to pray for healing and recovery. To steal Bill C.'s line, remember we are 'in His grip'.

Love Mariruth

BSF Dick said...

Good Morning Chris and Family,
Thanks for the wonderful God-blessed news. Chris, some of the BSF guys although traveling across the nation and around the world are e-mailing to have me affirm to you their prayers. And know that you and your dear family were held up during our BSF leaders prayer time this morning about 5:15am. God was up already looking out for you and all His children so we decided that would be a good time to offer our petitions for you. Have a terrific day! BSF Dick

Emma said...

Great news! And I am sure it won't take long before Chris is able to sit for 15 minutes (and longer). I am sure that God is revealing new facets to his character as you "be still and know that [HE] is God!"

smiles and hugs-

Dawn said...

Chris, Carla and all,

Hank & I are so pleased to hear the good reports for you! God is so very faithful!! You have been in our prayers and hearts since we heard of your situation. Chris, God has used you in our lives in ways that you will never fully realize till heaven. Thanks for being the Godly roll model and friend that you are. We love you guys,

Hank & Dawn

gwynne said...

Dear Chris and Care Team...I found this verse in my morning reading..."Ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in [them]; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people" Chris is simply have a little remodeling done and it occurred to me that we all know that "renovations" never run on schedule...hence a day or so delay in moving from ICU to Hospital Room. :):)
Trusting that today is a quiet and restful one...what with all that "hammering" in his head...Chris can use some uninterrupted peace and quiet...:):)
We're still praying and believing for a complete restoration...and can't want to hear about all the updated qualities that are bound to be the result.
Love to you all this morning..Gwynne and Don

Kari said...

Dear Papa,

I miss you SO much! Mom says I can't come to see you until I'm all well. I'll be with you as soon as my fever is all gone. Enjoy your new room!


Dave said...

Chris and family,

I have know Mark for a short time (new BSF discussion Leader in Mark's group) but have held all of you in my prayers daily. I must say, that in my hopes to minister in that small way, reading your daily blog has been a ministry to me. What a blessing to be surrounded by so many family who are rooted in the love of Christ and His promises, Chris. Our prayers continue for your recovery, and for your patience and rest!
God Bless,
Dave Shank

Don Barrett said...

Chris, Carla, and Family....
Glad to hear the better news--news that is so richly deserved. I threw a glove on the mound at Lowery (Moegle)Field today in your honor--this should help. It's my privilege to know you for 44 years. Though we are separated by a great distance, I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you. Don and Mary Kay Barrett. Lubbock.

gwynne said...

Dear All...Here's this mornings verse, "Let us hold fast the profession of [our] faith without wavering; (for he [is] faithful that promised).-"
Praying that you all are encouraged today, and "not growing weary in well doing.." Much Love, Gwynne and Don

Marty Dettmer said...

Chris and Family,
The kids and I just returned from Mexico and are thrilled to read all this good news! You have all been in our thoughts and prayers. We continue to pray for your complete and speedy recovery. I pray that you are comfortable today and that your condition continues to improve. We all look forward to speaking with you when your situation permits.
Marty, Adam, and Alexis